Long hard road to Cuzco

Next destination was Nazca in order to see the famed Nazca lines. It took another 3 hour bus ride to get there from Ica. Nazca itself is a fairly plain town which lives off the sand drawings that attracts hordes of tourists from everywhere. In order to see the lines you can buy a trip in a small airplane or go to one of the viewpoints in the desert. The flight was a bit expensive ($55) so we opted on the viewpoints instead. We had to take the Soyus-bus there (2 soles each) which was a 15 minutes drive away. The drawings are located next to the highway in the middle of the desert and we felt they were a bit disappointing as we could only see a fraction of them. However, we got a general idea of how they looked. We thought we could grab a bus back but they didn't allow more passengers so we had to drive back to the town with a nice Peruvian family from Ica.

Some Nazca drawings in the background