Photos from 2009


Photos from Tokyo, Japan


Photos from Thailand and the surrounding islands. Select a more specific album in the menu to the left. Read our travel blog from Thailand here: First day in Bangkok Krabi & Ko Lanta Still Ko Lanta Railay Still in Trang Island debrief back in Bangkok Read about Thailand here.


Photos from Cambodia. Select a specific location in the menu on the left. Read our travel blog from Cambodia here: Phnom Penh Siem Reap and Angkor Wat If I see another temple I will throw up! Sihanoukville - beaches and beggars Leaving Cambodia Read about Cambodia here.


Photos from Vietnam


Select a photo album in the menu to view the photos from Laos.

Read our travel blogs about Laos here:

Sabaai-dii, Laos

Northern Laos

Vientiane, ze capital, and the surroundings

Mekong and Four Thousand Islands

From Pakse, Laos to Los Angeles

Read about Laos here.

Los Angeles

Photos from LA

We were in LA for 4 days from May 28th to June 2nd. We rented a car and drove around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Monica Beach etc.
We also visited Universal Studios where we tried really fun rides like "The Simpsons" and "The Mummy" - which was very fast! In the evening we got free tickets to Jon Lovitz's new Comedy club located at the City Walk because it was the opening weekend. Amongst others Jon was also there to entertain for about an hour or so, and he was actually quite funny!

The last day in LA we went to the movies to see "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at Grauman's Chinese Theater right on Hollywood Boulevard. Apparently there was a movie premiere across the street for "The Proposal" staring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. So we snapped a few photos of the stars from afar. We also saw Jesse James, Malin Akerman, Peter Boyle and a few others.

Coming out of from the movie Ron Perlman from Hellboy was standing right there with some other famous people we didn't recognize. But others did, because they were taking a lot of photos ;). They were also at some sort of movie premiere.

El Salvador

Read our travel blog about El Salvador here: City of barbed wire. Here are our photos from El Salvador: San Salvador, Barre de Santiago and La Palma. We have been here since June 2nd. But unfortunately we don't have very many photos because it is not safe to walk around with the camera everywhere. So we have started to use a smaller camera also. Read about El Savador here. 


Read our travel blog about Honduras: Military coup in Honduras


Unfortunately it wasn't safe to walk around with the camera in Managua and other places, so we don't have a lot of photos from Nicaragua.

Read our travel blog about Nicaragua: Pitstop in Nicaragua

Read about Nicaragua here.

Costa Rica

Read our travel blog about Costa Rica: Racing through Costa Rica

Read about Costa Rica here.


Read our travel blog about Panama: Panama to Peru

Read about Panama here.

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