Photos from Laos, 2009

Luang Prabang

Read our travel blog from Luang Prabang here: Sabaai-dii, Laos

Pictures from Luang Prabang

Vang Vieng

Photos from the weirdest and coolest town in the world.

More Vang Vieng

Additional photos from Vang Vieng including rock climbing and other fun.

Vientiene and Tha Khaek

Read our travel blog about Vientiane here: Vientiane, ze capital, and the surroundings

Pictures from Vientiane and Tha Khaek.

Four Thousand Islands

Read our travel blog from Four Thousand Islands here: Mekong and Four Thousand Islands

Pictures from Four Thousand Islands in the southern Laos.

Pakse, Ubon & Bangkok

Read our travel blog from Pakse and Ubon here: From Pakse, Laos to Los Angeles

Photos from Pakse in Laos, and Ubon Ratchathani and Bangkok in Thailand. These are the last photos from Asia. We are now i LA, so we will soon upload photos from here.

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