Going backpacking March 1st.

Finally the date for our backpacking trip has been set! We are leaving right around March 1st. We were waiting for our travel insurance to go through, and it finally did! So now we can finally buy the tickets.

We talked to a travel agency this week, and found out that we have to know almost exactly where we are going and when.. So we read about South and Central America today and have made a plan.

Now we just have to talk to a couple of agencies to find the best offer.

Our plan is:

March 1st: Denmark -> Bangkok

Travel Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia & Borneo.

May 31th: Bangkok -> Los Angeles

June 6st: Los Angeles -> Honduras

Travel Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama.

July 18th: Panama -> Peru

Travel Peru, Chile & Argentina, maybe other countries if we have time.

August 28th: Argentina -> Denmark


Google maps:

Asia & Latin America

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