Still Ko Lanta

Nothing new to add really except I’ve finally found something to complain about: Sunday when we were trying to sleep there was some party going on close to our bungalow. Damned kids with their pop music. I was about to consider shouting and threatening them with my walking cane and telling them to get off my lawn – but we fell asleep eventually.

Next day (Monday) we went to the beach to get burned off by the sun for good. We spent the entire day on a small pavilion made available by one of the restaurants (Thai Cat). Here we ate breakfast and lunch and had quite a relaxing day going from the pavilion to the beach to the sea to swim and back again.

At the Beach, Ko Lanta

So, in Java, our day would look like this:

while(notCompletelyBurnedOffYet()) {

Yes, that was very nerdy but then again, we are developers.

In the evening we went to Klapa Klum Bar to listen to some very laid back reggae and getting dinner right at the beach with a distant thunderstorm as scenery. That was a bearable evening as well ;-).

Thailand Thailand


Today (Tuesday) we got up, got breakfast at the beach as always, and rented a scooter to see a bit of the island. We raced to Saladan, which is one of the few towns on the island, and booked a boat trip for tomorrow to see some of the other islands in this area. Lisa managed to buy some clothes and I a pair of sunglasses. Super interesting, eh? Right now we’re using free Internet access from a bar called “The Tavern”. All is well otherwise in this tropical climate. We are having no problem keeping ourselves warm at any time if anyone was ever wondering about that…

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