Still stuck on Roatan

This is a heavily self-censored post essentially saying that we’re still stuck on Roatan because of the ex-president, Zelaya. He is threatening to return to Honduras tomorrow (Sunday) and if he does there will probably be all sorts of trouble on the mainland which is where we need to go in order to catch a bus to Nicaragua. He probably won’t return, though, but if he does we don’t want to be stuck in a riot in Tegucigalpa – or anywhere else for that matter.

Source: Honduras Defends Its Democracy. Source

We’ve met some other Danes who are going in the same direction as us, so we’re planning on traveling together south on Monday after we see how things play out.

In the meantime there is some interesting reading following the link below. It’s an article describing exactly what the majority of the locals think of the current political situation. Other international press might learn something from it as well before they continuously condemn Zelaya’s exile.

Wall Street Journal – Honduras Defends It’s Democracy

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