Racing through Costa Rica

In San José we were reminded why shared bathrooms are a bad thing as we both started the day off with a nasty diarrhea probably caused by some of the Nicaraguan food on Ometepe. Hooray! We had planned to get on the early bus to a town called La Fortuna 4½ hours away by bus so we stuffed ourselves with Imodium and got going.

La Fortuna is a touristy town in the mountains close to Volcán Arenal, which is the most active volcano in Costa Rica. We found a cheap ant-infested place to let Lisa's fever drop and our stomachs rest. The following day we saw a doctor to let her have a look at Lisa who have had a randomly returning fever for about 4 months now. She blamed our malaria pills and generally too much antibiotics so she gave us even more medication and let us go.