City of barbed wire

As mentioned before Los Angeles was quite a different experience compared to Southeastern Asia, especially when it comes to prices. For four days we went to touristy places like the Hollywood sign, Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard and Rodeo Drive to mingle with the celebrities, which there were none of. However, we saw a few when going to the cinema as there was a premiere on a standard Hollywood comedy/romance flick which got horrible reviews immediately after the release.

We were to fly out of Los Angeles at 1:30 AM so we were quite disappointed to see the enormous line of people outside the check-in building a few hours before takeoff. The disappointment was soon gone when we, at the gate, found out that our tickets had been upgraded to business class, so we had a decent sleep after a few free drinks and woke up to a nice breakfast 6 hours later. Thank you, Taca Airlines. The people squeezed together on monkey class probably didn't feel the same way, though.